Free Food

Hmm, that was all I had today. Little hungry now but I'll just wait till morning when I can have some oatmeal.


Rainy Day on Buck Lake

When I put the camera out it seemed to be a lot sunnier than appears in the vid. And I didn't think it was raining but in the vid it seems to be raining a bit. Don't like the wind buffeting sound but what can you do.

I guess the video is in SD. It would be much better in HD.


Family Man torrent


Rem 5870 feedback!


Remington Standard

Don't know how to change the ribbon spool on the old typewriter. The letters are starting to get a little faint. Can't even figure out what year this machine is from. Haven't found a serial number or exact model number yet.

I'm sure there is some easy way to pop the ribbon spools off; just gotta figure it out.


Krazy Kat , X over cable.


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